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How It Works

Initial Evaluation

Dietitian Nutritionist Diet Plan
The first thing I do is personally meet with you and assess your medical history, current diet, eating habits and food preferences.  You and I together will determine your nutritional goals and lay the foundation to a healthier life. 
In addition to advising you what to eat, I will educate, guide, and empower you to discover a nutritious path towards your better health.

Personalized Plan

I'll coach you on how different foods affect your health and how to correctly read nutrition labels so you can make smarter choices that include wholesome, natural, fresh and minimally processed foods.  No one diet fits all.  Together you and I will build a personalized diet plan that's not just healthy, but also includes your favorite foods making it easy for you to stick to it. 
No fads, gimmicks, or pills!


I'm always available for any questions and follow-up visits. The journey to healthy living has just begun, and I'll be with you every step of the way.
So go ahead and call me, text me, or email me  - whatever works for you!


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